Innovation and Technology


The constant search for innovation and the development of technological solutions by its own team, is one of the key differentiators of Intervalor and promotes continuous analysis of processes, identification of possibilities for optimization and cost reduction, in addition to the constant improvement of systems.


Virtus is a collection front end developed in house by Intervalor Group technology team

Among other features, the system has an integrated BI module for creating and implementing strategies online. It is flexible and adaptable to any business model as it allows detailed parameterization of rules, limits and negotiation limits. The whole process of credit recovery is performed in the tool itself, from the receipt of the cargo until the return to the contractor.



Contact Hunter is an autodial tool developed by Intervalor, which aims to increase the productive time of the operation.

Through the use of intelligent IVR with speech recognition, Contact Hunter enables optimization of operational investments, since the location of the customer is faster, without the hotline operator interaction.

The call only is transferred to the operator, when the positive identification of the customer has been accomplished by Contact Hunter.


Designed from the tendency to use alternative channels for the most diverse tasks, Quitaqui is the first portal in the country that allows the full flow of negotiation in its own environment; that is, the user gets information on the debt, verifies possibilities for payment in installment and can even upload the proof of payment.

The portal has channels for clarification of doubts or even negotiation, such as chat, "contact us" and "click to call". On the same platform, the possibility of negotiation via Whatsapp is also available.

Quitaqui also gives users extra features, such as administration of personal expenses and a blog with tips for saving and household budget.




Methodology for segmentation of the customer base, from criteria that determine the greater potential of payment, the most appropriate contact channel and even best time for contact.


SmartCollection is a new concept developed by Intervalor, involving processes, technologies and strategies related to the main dimensions of credit recovery, which ensures greater efficiency and results of operations.