Preventive actuation

Strategic contact with customers, from 10 to 15 days before the expiration date, resulting in customer loyalty and decrease in default rates:

  • Verification on the correct implementation of the contracted service or delivery of product purchased;
  • Insights for enhancement of services/products;
  • Verification of the process for issuance of invoice and submission of selling note;

Friendly collection

Engagement of clients focused on recovery of amounts due, without compromising the good business relationship:

  • Team of experienced negotiators, with approach based on legal aspects;
  • Tools and systems that allow the verification of the actual financial situation of the debtor company and prospects for recovery;
  • Team comprised by experienced negotiators;


  • Service throughout the national territory;
  • Monitoring of service quality;
  • Recording of 100% calls;
  • Own online negotiation platform;
  • Customer service by phone and e-mail.


  • Reports for monitoring productivity, updated in real time: analytical, statistical, graphics with the most varied data;
  • Interaction in active requests via Intervalor's system;
  • Electronic invoices and statements of account, available in the contractor's environment, for online consultation.